How Toggl Can Change Your Old Habits & Develop New Ones

Albert Einstein once said, “time is an illusion”, yet most of us yield to its power. Imagine a day when time is of no importance. Don’t you think that’s cool? You are probably envisioning yourself where you can savor and enjoy every moment at no cost or just be idle. Thinking that you can accomplish what you can do at the moment or at a later time. You are never in a hurry. In reality, that is not the case in a Virtual Manager’s world or even in someone else’s.

With today’s fast-paced world, everything needs to be managed effectively and efficiently. As a Virtual Manager, you are juggling a multitude of tasks from your clients. You handle 2-3 projects or more at the same time. Your clients entrusted their businesses to you so that they can focus more on the essential growth of their company rather than executing small tasks. They delegated these tasks knowing that you can manage and finish it on time. What if the opposite happens? You have loads of unfinished projects and unmet deadlines. Envision the dismay and frustration of your client. Surely you do not want that to happen. Time, in essence, can be your kind friend or vicious enemy—use it wisely.

To successfully manage your projects swiftly you must apply time management so that you can allocate enough time to meet each deadlines. One helpful tip is to have a ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ – through this, you can see the entirety of the project.

Toggl is a tool that most Virtual Managers use. It enables them to work smarter by properly managing their time. Through Toggl you can track the time you spent for each task and their corresponding monetary amount. It also provides a comprehensive report and summary for how much time you have spent daily, weekly, monthly and annually. You can also invite your clients and team members for specific workspaces.

An old habit of failing to manage your time damages your effectiveness, causes stress, and can potentially lose your credibility as a high-functioning Virtual Manager. If you have not tried Toggl, it is time for you to consider using it. To be constantly on top of what you are trying to achieve– may it be a project to complete, a deadline to meet or just simply to manage your time to lessen the hassle and stress in your life and at work.

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