Slow Day at Work? 5 Ways to Stay Productive

So you’ve got a lot of times in your hand and don’t know what to do with this ‘spare time’. If you’re in the workplace and thinking of keeping the ‘productivity mojo’ rolling, here are some tips that may help you out in getting some things done without slacking off the job.

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Take on a new challenge

 It could be that you’re just bored with doing routine tasks for the day. You can ask other departments for tasks that may be new to you. Or you can work on a way to improve a current project. Your current project may have a current loophole to it that you can still improve upon. This change in the routine may also push you to pursue more (or better) goals in the future.

Sharpen your skills

If there are certain weaknesses in your skills such as WordPress, blogging or content writing or even polishing up some graphic skills, sharpening your skills during lean times can make a difference in your future tasks. Say you’re a virtual assistant and your boss asks you to do some graphic design. Instead of just waiting for the ‘right time’ to be real good at it, you can work on those skills during these seasons. You’re staying productive and learning at the same time.

Read a book

Well, traditionally, you’d opt for a book. But today, all your reading resources can easily be found just by googling. Read something that interests you like leadership, self-confidence, management, creative writing, graphic designing and the likes. The resources is limitless — the reason this is one sure way to out of boredom. If you’re not the ‘reader’ type, you can always opt to check videos that you can access online.

Spice up the routine

You can be creative and recreate the flow of your tasks. Start adding ‘fun’ to your tasks and reward yourself if it gets done. Whatever floats your boat, you can be as creative as you can until you get the job done.

Lend a helping hand

While you’re sitting there bored in your desk, chances are someone in the office is just as busy catching up piles of work. If you spot these people quietly panicking in their workplace, you can approach them and ask if they needed any help. Not only will this give you be able to reach out to people, you’ll also experience a sense of fulfillment just helping them out. It’s also a chance for you to learn new tasks.

Outsourcing, BPO in the Philippines, IT, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistance

Fun Carve training

Outsourcing, BPO in the Philippines, IT, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistance

At Carve, “We Do Epic” 

You can use these spare times to work through your goals or some task that has been needing attention. Procrastination can be a huge problem if you don’t know how to control it. Sometimes, all it takes is just small steps to make a huge difference.

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