How to Effectively Communicate With Your VA

If you’re on this page, you probably wanted to know how to effectively communicate with your VA’s right? If your answer is “YES”, then good news! I have listed some helpful tips on how to effectively communicate with your Virtual Assistants.


Tip #1 – You and your VA must speak and understand the same language.

Hiring a VA that speaks and understand the same language as you do is very important. You need to make sure that the VA you are going to hire is able to understand and speak the preferred language that you want to use in communicating with them may it be English, Spanish etc.

As much as possible avoid language barriers between you and your VA as it will affect the quality of their work. You don’t wanna waste your time and money for redo’s right? I know you don’t. So pick a VA that is, at least, good or fluent with the language that you prefer to use in communicating with them.


Tip #2 Identify the tools needed for communication.

There are a lot of tools that can be used as a medium for communication and most of them are free. Some of the examples for effective communication are through email, voice chat or if you prefer through phone calls.


Tip #3Choose the most convenient time for you and your VA.

Choosing the most convenient time to communicate with your VA is another important thing to remember, most especially if you are outsourcing or working with a VA from a different country.

You need to set a specific time of day where you and your VA can have a chat and talk about the progress on the projects given or just to simply check up on them.


Tip #4 – Be clear in delivering your thoughts.

You need to be clear when you are communicating with your VA at all times, especially when giving them instructions on how to perform the tasks effectively. As much as possible, use words that are familiar and easy to understand and avoid any unnecessary repetition and wordy expressions.

At the end of every conversation, you can let your VA repeat some of the most important details of the conversation you just had to make sure that he/she clearly understands everything.
Tip #5 – Be courteous.

Talk to your VA in a courteous manner. Even if you are in charge of the communication, be truly tactful, thoughtful and appreciative of the work done.

To wrap it up. Having an effective communication with your VA is very important for you and your VA. It will not only increase the success percentage of your business but it also keep a good relationship with them.

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