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How to Deal With Your VA’s Learning Curve

According to encyclopedia.com, When a person is introduced to new information or a new skill, it may take several learning sessions to acquire that knowledge or skill. Psychologists refer to this acquisition process as the learning curve. In general, this term refers to the time it takes an individual to develop knowledge or a new skill.

Furthermore, Virtual Assistants nowadays are considered business partners that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to client’s business. They play a vital role in reaching target market that will make one’s business connect, grow and develop.

Along the process, both the Client and the VA will take certain responsibilities just to achieve the desired goal. But this is not an easy one, both needs adjustments especially on the VA’s side because he/she may not entirely understand the processes of your business. Of course, it will take time. The learning curve may be shorter or longer depending on the situation but one important thing to do is dealing it without affecting much your business.Remember:

You reap What you sow. Widen your patience and don’t hesitate to give insights, techniques and encouragement to your partner—your VA. In no time, your business will be the beneficiary of it. Understand that there’s always a time for everything. Just like in harvesting good fruits, we need to wait for the right time before we can pick them up. Developing the art of waiting.

Be a Sensei. There will be times, your VA can keep repeating mistakes but what matters most is to not let them down. Instead, be their guide, be their teacher that pushes them up. Encourage them and be always at their back.

Identify the weakest link. Understanding your VA’s weakest side will improve your VA’s self-confidence and eventually turn worst things into in excellent outcomes. Give honest comments and suggestions how to improve it. You may not know, this may turn into one of his/her strengths in no time.

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