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How Much Should I Entrust my VA

There’s a tremendous difference between real leadership and micromanaging your VA. Some clients let their VA do the tasks their way while others take an enormous leap to trust what their VA can do when they entrust them with a project to complete.

Before you start delegating there are things you should consider. You need to get to know your VA, what is their skill set, are they good in technical or administrative duties? How can they initiate; are they able to make an important decision at a vital moment? And especially, how can they handle pressure and the workload.

With the right knowledge and ways of communication, you can entrust what is most necessary and applicable to your VA. Before you assign a particular task to your VA, you can have them tested. Give them a task which you know very well, and you consider yourself as an expert. After that have them do a task that you’re less familiar with . When you let your VA do a task where you’re an expert, you’ll see what are the areas they need to improve as well as the areas where they are superb in doing. You can also teach them, give feedback and follow through. When you have them do the task that you’re not good or comfortable in doing which they are then, you can see how can they alleviate your workload.

When looking for an answer on how much you can entrust your VA, as a client you’re the one who answer it. You may start with a simple task to complete then gradually increase it as you both establish a high level of trust. When you see that, your VA can manage to do the job, then you can let your VA do it with little input from you.

The reason why a client doesn’t know how much to entrust their VA is because sometimes they’re not sure what are the tasks to delegate. The clients should identify the tasks that he should manage personally and the rest can be passed on to their VA. Effective delegation is the key to offload the task that you don’t to do personally for you to focus more on the core business. By entrusting the right load of tasks to your VA, you can be productive by concentrating on your business.

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