How Many VAs Does it Take to Make it Work

According to French dramatist Charles-Guillaume Étienne, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. This advice seems to be viable if you’re working in a small business. Your small business won’t grow if you don’t start delegating.

As a quick fix, you could hire an expert or a full-time employee but sometimes that’s just not possible for some reason. Instead, you look for a VA, who could help you with your daily tasks.

What does a virtual assistant do? A VA or virtual office assistant is someone who works for a client remotely. Most VAs provide administrative, technical or social assistance for specialized services to a particular business. A VA can be your administrative assistant, do almost anything for you except serve you coffee ‘cause they’re half-way across the globe.

When the business grows and continues to expand, some tasks surmount your time to focus on what should be done on your core business. That’s the apparent reason a client needs a VA.

The number of VAs in a team is directly proportional to how the business operates. It also depends on the kind of tasks to be completed. When a client assigns a task, there are things to be considered. How long would it take? Who are involved? and how should it be delivered? If your business needs fast-paced results then you need more than one VA. One VA can wear different hats, may it be admin, technical or automation but when the business multiplies and the number of customer increase, the team must grow as well to delegate the task appropriately.

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