How Facebook Events Changes the Way You Invite for Your Next Gig

With everything Facebook these days, it’s no surprise that they’ve also got something cooking up for Facebook events. And this means, the days of poor graphics for ‘birthday bonanza’ images is coming to an end.

Starting Monday, the company is rolling out Facebook events featuring ‘cover art themes’ for a more polished event invite. Quite neat, huh?

Instead of going to sites like Evite and Eventbrite, organizers can now lock-in their e-invites using Facebook — with better themes this time.

Users can either promote their events for a private gathering or go public with it. The company also experimented using popular events from friends or popular ones nearby appearing on the right side of the site. The events that pops in this corner is based on your interests, pages you like and groups you’re a part of.

For the event organizers, this a ‘breath of fresh air’. These illustrations adds a bit of personality to your birthday invites, concerts, seminars and other events. So, if your’e planning for a pool party this coming Saturday, you can just choose off the themes that fits the criteria. It’s better than having a few cats drinking mojitos.

Users can choose from a 36 photo themes ranging from seasons, party, travel, food, drink and holiday. And just like before, you can still upload your own.

Since everyone is selecting from the same pool of images, how can your event standout? According to Kevin Schaefer, Facebook Events product designer, most people won’t upload any photos at all.

There are about 135 million events created last year, so the potential of Facebook users using these themes is likely. Visuals can also drive to more leads to join an event.

This revamp in Facebook Events is definitely something organizers should look forward to. It’s an all in one site that caters to networking, social media and now, better e-invites. No more boring event invites from hereon.

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