How Empathy Can Lead to Long-Term Success

During the Industrial Revolution, there are three central themes covered in management: expertise, execution and empathy.

Organizations in the execution era create scale and expertise era to deliver advance services, today organizations are placing emphasis on providing meaningful and complete experience. Leadership has now entered an era of empathy.

Empathy is an experience of understanding another person’s condition from his or her perspective according to Psychology Today. Meaning, you ‘walk in their shoes’. Today, this emotion is what you’d want to cultivate to generate customer base for long-term success.

Why This Works


It solves problems

Products and services are meant to solve a problem or satisfy a need. As an entrepreneur, you can’t just focus on cashflow. You got to have a heart to come up with solution by ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’.

Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka shares a story on how this emotion was used to improve their food stamps program. Wanting to understand why consumers don’t re-enroll in the program, coders enrolled in the program to look into its online interface. They found out that the enrollment process was frustrating thus creating an easier and convenient enrollment process using a smartphone.

It builds realistic expectations

Explaining technical specifications to consumers just won’t cut it. This is especially true for technical and hardware products where you expect users to have little to no knowledge on how it works.

What prompts a person to buy a product may lie primarily on their emotions. This is how empathy comes into play.

Emphatic listening, according to Stephen Covey, is not just a matter of having a comeback to the person talking. It’s listening with the intent of understanding him or her.

It creates value

‘Addressing Objections’ is what makes a buyer not click on that buy button.

Empathizing with customers helps you create solutions even before it happens. What would be the dilemma in purchasing your product? Is it worth spending on? Is it affordable or worth every penny if it demands a higher price than the usual? These are some of the questions that you as consumer would be thinking.


It fosters communication

Empathy beats all the marketing you hear everyday from a friend who shares a solution that solved a problem. If you develop yourself into the person that solves problems, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: marketing at no expense.

Build credibility where your customers will trust you and not just someone who wants to sell them something.

It Creates Memorable Customer Experience

It’s better to retain customers than to obtain new ones. Empathizing with your customers is one way to retain them.

Take time to listen to their concerns regarding their use of your products or understanding your services. Effective communication means that you get to listen to their concerns and figure out a solution that will work for their situation. 

Effective communication through empathy help entrepreneurs build lasting relationships and enable them to ask the right questions with the right timing. If entrepreneurs know how to do this, they’ll be able to deliver exemplary customer service.

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