How Do You Manage a Remote Team?

Nowadays, with just some clicks of a finger, you are able to provide workers with a flexible schedule where you don’t have to be under the same roof. This is achieved through technology such as Skype and other free conference calls. I won’t take away the fact that the world is still testing the waters of managing an employee in a different location and time zone. But we’re going to do it anyway, because how else can we run the business? Similar to working in a traditional office, a virtual office should offer an employee the opportunity to grow. Be clear and know what you have to offer them moving forward.

One big mistake that most people make is when they stop treating their remote team member as a human being, instead they treat them as a machine built only to do tasks. Remember: They are still people(so are you), working in an organization to get stuff done. Treat them as such. Meaning — You have to build a relationship with you remote team. And building relationship requires a ton of work. You should put in extra effort to cultivate a positive team dynamic and ensure remote workers feel connected to you and other colleagues as well.

And if you’re up to challenge it would be a really awesome investment to try and bond with your remote team in person. Nothing beats seeing and knowing them in person. This is the most costly step, both in terms of time and money, but also invaluable. It prevents your people from getting into an outpost mentality. And in addition to it being the only real way to really get to know where your team is, it also sends the message that your employee is worth said cost.

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