Holiday Marketing Tips

By the time you’re reading this, you either have your holiday marketing running smoothly and bringing in the results you want or you’re still scrambling to put things together days before.

If you want to get things sorted last-minute or just want to learn how you can do things better next year, here are some tips.

Start early

Some experts say you should get started as early as July. Others say September or October. The point is, you need to do bulk of your holiday marketing preparations during leaner months of the year. Plan your strategy or prepare templates for your content so that when it comes to it, you would only need to tweak a few things and release it to the world.

Holidays tend to get busy for businesses, but you deserve a break too.

Provide gift suggestions

Once the “-ber” months hit, it’s only gonna get busier from here. Encourage your customers to do their Christmas shopping early. Prepare an email campaign containing gift suggestions for your customer avatars or the people they care about. Add buttons that go straight through the product page as well.

Another thing you can do is to create bundles or packages with things that people usually purchase together and throw in a discount.

Make them feel valued

Because they are! Send in your thanks during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Send a heartfelt message through email or even a handwritten note would mean a lot. This fosters customer loyalty because while acquiring new customers is great, 40% of your sales are from repeat customers!

In the spirit of giving, you can also offer a special gift or discount to your loyal customers. This will grab their attention and show them how much you care!

It’s not too late to take a bit of this advice and improve your Christmas marketing strategy. Got any ideas you’d want to share? We would love to hear from you!

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