Help! I’m Getting Bored With Being a VA

“I’m bored to death!” These words are screaming in your head while you’re staring at you monitor. What could this phrase possibly mean? How this affects our lives and what to do when you succumb to its preying summons.

How can someone be bored when we are we bombarded with thousands of external stimuli daily? Before we answer that, let’s find out what boredom is. The times when you feel empty, can’t concentrate and frustrated of how your mood quickly change are just a few signs of boredom. It’s what you feel when you’re alone, nothing in particular to do or if there is something to finish you find it too dull, too tedious to complete. You just completely lose your interest in your surroundings no matter how jovial the ambience.

There are several reasons why boredom occurs in the life of a VA. When a VA has difficulty focusing on a task or is having trouble with their thoughts and feelings. This may be caused by low levels of mental stimulation; doing the same tasks over and over again for an extended period of time. There are instances that this is also a cause of confusing instructions and the fear of making mistakes.

When boredom strikes if affects not just your mood but it also impacts your ability to perceive the world that interferes your output.

Everyone is susceptible to boredom and sometimes it is unavoidable. Knowing the reason why you’re feeling bored is necessary for you to combat it. As a VA, if you’re doing a repetitive task, one thing you could do is to try new approaches on how to complete the tasks making it more exciting or challenging. When a client gave a plethora of to-do list and demands, it’s urgent this would give you an overwhelming feeling that could also lead to boredom if not stress. To solve this, it would be easier to break your task into chunks and reward yourself for every milestone you’ve completed.

Whenever you feel bored, ask yourself ‘why?’ and that would shed you some light then, eventually to a solution where you can cure it. Take a variety of activities, savor every moment. . . knowing that, what you do is something you can be grateful for can spark hope in your heart.

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