Bridging the worlds of design and digital from LA to Cebu and back.

Gray+ shakes up the industry and is here to kick butt and take names.


Who is Gray+?

A graphic design + branding agency. One that goes deep into the business and creates from a place of alignment and understanding that is like no other. Allowing them to create branding that speaks volumes to the client's customers.


Say Hello to Aaron

• Founder
• Brand Strategist
• Strategist
• Live in two of the best clients in the world
• Don't give him tequila 🥃

What Have We Been
Doing with Gray+?


• Met Shanise 2021
• We knew we were gonna build some
  really cool stuff
• Started building content then 2021
• Got on a website project 2022
• Another website on 2022
Branding for Digitaling Media 2022


Gray+ and Purpose's relationship is young but blazing trails. Aaron and his team is definitely at a growth stage. One where they are trying to manage their own pace well.

They bring us projects where we build the already amazing vision they have brought to life visually and stylistically. Making our work together seamless and clear.


Gray+ is definitely going to go places based on the quality of the work they do. The depth of effort that they put into the design and strategy they envision for a brand or business.


Here are a couple of things we have done with them​

• Pages
• Sites

Either way, it allows both of our teams to see the gaps and the solutions -- then were off to the races.