GOOGLE KEEP: Keeping Your Thoughts Online

Google has done it again. Introducing Google Keep.


The On-the-Go Productivity App that you must have

Google Keep Dashboard

In this digital age, smart phones and tablets are the devices that are always in use. Hence, there are so many productivity apps, including note taking applications that are developed. Google Keep is one of the bunch.


Unlike any other app, Google Keep note taking app has useful features. Features include but not limited to color coding notes, inserting images, creating lists, geo-fencing and shareable notes. Not to mention that users can set time or location-based reminders. Reminders set through Keep are also accessible by other Google applications such as Google Now.




Google Keep is available in android operating phones and web version. And for Apple or iPhone users, even if the company hasn’t made the app for it, Google Keep is still accessible. The app is surely your app to go.


Save and organize what’s on your mind


Everyone will surely find it seamlessly better when everything’s organized, right? With Google Keep, it allows users to categorize their notes through using folders or labels.


Keep can transcribe texts from Images


Isn’t it amazing that using Keep, it can grab texts from the images? Just upload an image that is clear and it will do its best to decipher the words on the texts. You can edit the texts after.


Keep can be a Stenographer


Keep can record a note through voice. You can just say what’s on your mind and it will transcribe the audio into a searchable and editable note.


Keep can set Reminders


As aforementioned, you can set a reminder in Keep and it will show up elsewhere in your Google ecosystem and smart phone.


Keep integrates with Google Docs


You can easily transfer your note into Google Docs. Just click on the “three dots” at the bottom of the note and click “copy to docs.” Check your Google Drive and then it’s transformed conveniently as Google Docs.


Sharing is Easy


Sharing is easy in Keep to other Google apps such as Google NOW. Just like sharing documents in Google Drive, you just have to click the icon and share your note with someone else’s Keep. The original user can also delete other users which the note is shared.

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