Good Manners in the Workplace

How would you know a great leader?

You always see this person in a meeting. Rarely reads the chat messages from the team because he is super busy. Comes to work really early, and ends the shift late at night. Works on the weekends to show that he’s got tons of things to do. Never absent—not even when he was sick.

On the other hand, he was always late in a meeting because he always schedules it back to back. He fails to connect with his teammates because he does not respond to team chat. He is always sick because he does not rest. He keeps sneezing and coughing that nobody goes near him anymore, in fear of catching what he has.

These are, in fact, bad manners in the workplace which no one really appreciates…and it’s all because you are aiming for high statistics from your output, but in return affect the relationship you have with co-workers and boss.

The result of having good manners is that you become a good leader to your team.

We have listed the top 10 things you should do to show good manners.

  1. Stay home when you’re sick. Aside from sharing the virus, you also could not concentrate with work, you’re less productive, and people would not want to go near you when you’re sick (unless the person was the doctor or nurse). The only way for you to be an effective leader is to learn when to rest. Mental exercises eat up more energy than physical exercises. Rest is much needed so that you can restore the energy you had used.
  2. Always show up in time for the meeting—if possible, at least 10 minutes early. One reason for being late is when you tend to schedule meetings back-to-back. Place at least a 30-minute buffer in between meetings so that you would still have time to compose yourself. It is good manners for you to show that your team’s time is important, and should not be wasted just because you are late..
  3. Pay attention during meetings. It’s annoying to see someone tap their thumbs on the phone while someone is talking. To others, it shows that you do not value their time and presence, which then loses their respect on you. You may miss a lot of important information from the discussion.
  4. Avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne (that also includes avoid smelling like cigarettes). There are people in the office with a sensitive nose. A strong whiff of perfume or anything unpleasant would either trigger an allergic rhinitis, or just keep them sneezing the whole day. Being a leader includes respecting other people and their comfort.
  5. Don’t wear revealing clothing, especially for the women. Ladies, you are in the office to show off your skills and knowledge, not your body. To be respected by the people around you, you have to wear respectable clothes as well.
  6. Respect co-worker’s property—don’t take without permission. The easier way to say this would be, “Do not steal”. I think that already says a lot.
  7. Do not cough or sneeze to anyone’s direction. This is one of the top 5 from the list of good manners that was taught to us at home. Bring it with you anywhere you go.
  8. Greet everyone with a “Good morning”, and appreciate them with a “Thank You” or “You’re Welcome”. This boosts the confidence of your co-workers, and allows them to approach you anytime. That way, when you ask them to do a favor for you, they do it out of respect and not force.
  9. Take responsibility for your mistakes, don’t blame others. Blaming others is a sign of pride and immaturity. Get rid of these so that people will not do the same to you.
  10. Do not respond to a bad behaviour with another bad behaviour. Do not yell back at someone who yelled at you. That will only worsen the situation. Instead, bring the person to a corner and talk it out with them quietly.

When you notice someone with bad manners in the office, you have every right to tell them off. It doesn’t matter if the person involved is your supervisor or the manager. You can always tell them in a nice way if they have a behaviour which is affecting the team.

Good manners mean a lot to the people around you, because not only do you show respect to yourself, but also respect to the people around you. The true essence of a leader can be seen in the way he treats himself and others.

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