GoButler: Turn to Virtual Job to Get Things Done Quicker and Faster

A virtual job that delivers your demands on-the-go. With just a text away, you get your pizza delivered, get Starbucks in time for the meeting, call for a nanny to babysit anywhere, any day at any time according to GoButler’s CEO Navid Hadzaad.

He could be describing Magic, a Silicon Valley startup that uses an SMS-based virtual assistance service. GoButler, on the other hand, is based in Berlin, Germany. And GoButler is a product from ex-Rocket Internet executives.

It’s noticeable that the GoButler is almost similar to Rocket in one aspect on very least. Hadzaad and his team launched this app early March during a weekend project. They were employed in Rocket for only 48 hours before they quit it, raised enough seed money and gained around 10,000 requests during its initial launch.

It was only 2 hours after the startup launched that they had to revert to the waiting list due to increase in demands. In three weeks time, GoButler became available in Canada, Australia, UK, Switzerland and Germany and processed more than 100,000 requests. There are about 30 ‘butlers’ to cater around 5,000 requests per day. These ‘butlers’ are online assistants that processes these requests and keeping your posted for updates.

More improvement are on the way as Hadzaad plan to dabble on API-integrations with delivery partners for a more convenient trade from supplier to GoButler to client. The increase in demands may mean a higher demand to get virtual jobs done. 

GoButler’s virtual job-based company is currently available for free.

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