Five Things That Will Make You The Perfect Client

When you ask a VA what the best characteristic of an excellent client would be, it won’t take much time to list a bunch of qualities. Let’s take a moment to mull over the perfect client. You’ll realize that there’s no perfect client however there are attributes that make an ideal client.

  1. A good listener.

A lot of instances where misunderstanding occurs, is  due to miscommunication. It happens when there’s no proper channel, or the message are not well received. A client who’s a good listener is someone who listens not with intent to refute but to understand and clarify things out. A good listener shows maturity that is respectable.

  1. Effective Risk Manager.

Failures and mistakes are an inevitable part of a business growth. VAs and even clients can make wrong decisions that can significantly impact not just the business but the relationship as well. A client who foresees what mistakes would happen is someone who often has a contingency plan.

  1. Does not micromanage.

No one wants to work with a control freak. An active client does not micromanage his subordinates but instead delegates. Clients who delegate their tasks are also effective leaders who nurture the growth of their VAs, enabling them to gain experience and take on higher responsibilities.

  1. Nurture & push for your growth.

An ideal client is someone who wants you to succeed and see you grow out of your comfort zone. He helps you develop your profession to enhance your career path.

  1. A Visionary.

Someone who sees that their presence is a gift to the world. They have the power to perpetuate better things through their passion and achieve their respective objectives. He looks after not only to his abundance but to the advancement of society and people around him. They’re driven by their mission, propelled by their solid values and morals.

The leaders that work efficiently are those who know their flaws, they constantly take action to make sure it won’t affect their relationships. They’re not perfect, but they do know how to get along well with people. They know that for a healthy relationship to thrive, it needs space and air.

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