Fire It Up 2014: Another Milestone to Conquer



Carve Business Management Services Outdo Christmas Party Event held last December 13, 2014

Carve Business Management Services Outdo Christmas Party Event held last December 13, 2014


“We Do Epic”. This is the battle cry that every Carver is familiar with. This year’s “Fire It Up” Christmas party held last December 13, 2014 in Palos Verdes is another journey marked for these warriors. It was a day filled with fun, surprises, laughter, memories and learnings. 

Afternoon Fitness Challenge

Early in the afternoon, the Carvers had a mini fitness challenge hosted by the Carve Rx Nursing Department. The so called event entitled The Fittest Carver were participated by a couple of brave carvers to compete for both individual and group challenges.

Fittest Carver Carve Business Management Services

It has been a wonderful activity for those participating hard-core post-shift exercises over Crossfit. This is the time where ladies and gents showcase their ‘beast’ moves. 

The TFC event happened in Palos Verdes soccer area.

After The Fittest Carver event wrapped up, they moved to the pool area where the main event took place.

Fired Up Christmas Gathering

The night started with an amazing fire dance segment fitting the theme for the night. 

Everyone looked stunning in their luau outfit.  The event then proceeded wherein Carvers showcase their Christmas dance participated by 5 groups. 

Flashback videos were also shown playing while enjoying a sumptuous feast. During this time, a couple more surprises were shown where Carvers are seen singing the ’12 Days of Christmas’. A great impersonation was also done by Roy Hernandez who nailed the unique characters in Carve. It was one of the comical highlights of the evening. In between, lucky employees also got to win fantastic prizes. 

There were games that each team participated and enjoyed. After which a flash mob of Carvers in their practiced Christmas moves surprised CIO Tom Secuya and Director of Chaos Angel Secuya. They were then given the present where Carvers posted their best hashtag description for both. This was then followed with the infamous ‘huggle’, which is a long time tradition that highlighted the event.

CARVE’s 2015 Vision: OUT DO

2015 theme is OutDo

2015 theme is Out Do

A talk was given by Tom Secuya reminiscing the past to where Carvers are now. He then presented the five aspects that catapulted the values to look forward to this new year: change, style, push, real and tribe. It was a memorable speech that was marked by giving the ‘Out Do 2015’ tags to commemorate the transition. 

Despite the tight schedule and tasks in between, the events team composed by Roy Hernandez, Sherry Minoza and Jaye Petalcorin wrapped up the evening beautifully.

The event is filled with hope and blessings. From the beginning to the end of the program, despite electrical mishap, Carvers just know how to make the most of the way to keep things running smooth.

Throughout this year, this company has withstood the challenges of its first year in business. And Carvers are looking forward to run another mileage of challenges, learning curves and bigger territories to conquer. This day marked the day Carvers are climbing greater heights.

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