How Facebook Promotes Business Branding with Unique Employee Management Style

Business branding is essential to keeping on top of the competition. And today, those born in the 1980’s are dominating the job force. This new breed of professionals are described as flaky, lazy, delusional or hard-working. You can call them whatever you want, millennials are a walking contradiction and understanding them can be may be a fraught exercise. Facebook, however, managed and adopted to the unconventional way millennials work.

Despite the gap from the previous generation, the millennials are the ones considered primarily in business branding. They have goals, aspirations and drive. And yes, including loyalty. But the thing with millennials is that they have strong beliefs and expectations.

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Facebook’s success comes also from their unique management style that appeals to the millennials. Here are some of the values that may take the bulk out of the stress of branding your business.

a.) Flat Management Style

For most companies, managers tells employees what to do. Facebook’s conversational management style encourages employees (and even entry-level ones) to question the manager’s decisions and offer their insights and feedbacks. This is a good way to create better methods to branding business. Managers are tasked to help employees achieve personal goals.

b.) Purpose and clarity

Millennials work best by laying out goals and telling them clearly what they’re expected from them. In a traditional setting, employees are left on the field and expected to know what to do but never really given a clear path on how to do it. While many have labelled the millennials to have an ‘entitlement’ mentality, effective communication about their work and sticking to it helps get the wheels moving. This may prove to another effective business branding technique to promote your company and get the best people for the job.

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c.) Changing roles

As mentioned, millennials are coined to be flaky unlike the previous generation. They’re expected to switch companies every few years in search for better opportunities. Facebook recognized this trend and encourage employees to shift roles within the company based on their ‘unique ability’ during the initial phase of employment.

d.) Don’t limit potential

Millennials can easily get bored with routines. Aside from shifting roles, Facebook provides a venue for their potential to grow. Trainings are given where they can improve and innovate on their ideas or skills. Companies will greatly benefit from ‘fresh’ set of ideas.

This new breed of professionals poses a challenge for those still practicing may the traditional way of employee business branding. This is not a ‘one-size’ fits all technique especially with mercurial changes in the professional industry. Catering to employee’s desires and work-out style are two factors you might want to look into when it comes to handling millennials effectively.

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