Email Isn’t Going Anywhere

There are so many new ways to reach customers. We have websites, apps, social media, and more. You might wonder, is it still worth sending email? Is email still relevant in this day and age?

The truth is, email is constantly growing. Email marketing is here to stay.

Email is far from being dead. It continues to be an essential marketing tool especially when it comes to establishing your online presence. It helps you attract and retain customers, and pushes them towards making a purchase.

Worldwide, we send over 74 trillion emails in a year. The numbers keep growing on a year-on-year basis. By the end of 2018, there will be an expected 3.8billion email users worldwide. The number is expected to grow even more in the next five years and beyond.

Who’s using email?

Statisa reports that more than 85% of adults read or use email while Adestra shares that 78% use it. 99% of email users check their email every day, some as often as 20 times a day.

No matter which age group you’re targeting, email is a solid medium of choice.
Email use and marketing
For professionals, email remains the dominant medium of communication. 95% of professionals use email, which is great if you’re following a business-to-business model. However, over half of all email users complain that they get “too many irrelevant emails” from brands.

Some people even have an email address for emails they’re quite sure they wouldn’t open, but many report that they use email often to get discounts and coupons.

If you don’t get the frequency and content right, your emails will very likely wind up unread and reported as spam – defeating the purpose of your email marketing.

Content is one of the main ways for you to attract and retain your audience. However, only 38% of marketers say the emails they send are relevant while a smaller percentage – 9% – say they are confident in the relevance of the emails they send.

Although email remains a highly relevant medium, it’s up to you to use it responsibly. The best way to approach making the right content for your customers is to really get to know them and understand their preference. Your number one strategy should be to offer information that is useful to them and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. As always: front load value.

If you need help in getting your content together or have questions about email marketing, we’d love to chat. Drop us a line and book a call with us!

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