Does Your Audience Give You The Silent Treatment?

It takes a lot of energy, brainstorming and possibly a ton of coffee to produce great content for our websites. And after putting endless hours of hard work into your blog, no one bats an eye and share a comment. We’ve all been there. And both of us don’t want to stay there. So, I’ve looked at every side of the internet with the help of our friend Google to help me in my quest for engagement with my audience. And thankfully, I’ve stumbled upon some really good advice from different sources. Basically, I’ve come to a conclusion of four reasons of why my audience is giving me the silent treatment.

1. They didn’t see it.

How can they drop a comment or share their opinion if they haven’t even see your post? So, try to post your stuff out on a time when it would be convenient for your audience. This would increase the chance of them seeing your post and possibly comment about it.

2. The Title doesn’t catch their attention.

If your title sounds boring, they won’t land on your blog post. That’s just how it is. Try to keep an open mind and put yourself in the shoes of their audience — What would catch their attention? If you’re title doesn’t draw interest and beg you to read the post, it could be the reason why there are less comments than you want. So work on those titles.

3. You don’t interact with existing comments.

No one wants to talk a snob. If you don’t reply to previous messages or comments on your socials, then that’s probably the reason why they prefer not to engage with you anymore. They probably feel like talking to a brick wall or something if you don’t reply. If you don’t engage with the comments, you’ll likely see them all disappear from your site.

4. You don’t ask any questions.

This one’s pretty obvious. If you don’t sound conversational in your posts and don’t even ask questions, then you can’t expect them to converse with you. Try changing up your style and try to sound conversational.

We still do experience some silent treatment from our audience, but we’re going to continue testing new waters, and maybe someday it’ll all work out. Are you experiencing the same treatment from your audience? If so, how about we help each other out? I’d like to reach out to anyone who’s reading this to drop a message in the comment section and let’s talk.

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