A Media Based Agency growing up to becoming a fully loaded one thats taking over Canada.


Who is Digitaling Media?

An Agency that is making leaps and bounds in making marketing simple and easy for its clients. With Shanise Ling leading the charge. They help their clients get clear, get strategized and get to building awesome things. A creative by heart, Shanise understands that digital marketing is intimidating based on its sheer complexity. Hence the mission to make it simple, easy and accessible.


Say Hello to Shanise

• Founder
• Creative
• Strategist
• Loves the cold
• Knows how to look after indoor plants 🌱

What Have We Been
Doing with Digitaling Media?


• Met Shanise 2021
• We knew we were gonna build some
  really cool stuff
• Started building content then 2021
• Got on a website project 2022
• Another website on 2022
Branding for Digitaling Media 2022


Shanise is super organized. So is digitaling media.

Digitaling media has a strong onboarding process for their clients and a clear path to communication as the project progresses.

Systems to support relationships that are creative and amazing with a flow of work that is undeniably smooth.


The way we grew together in the industry has been one that we are proud of. Started small and moved slow. Ensuring that both entities were ok with every step and gradually expanded to deeper more meaningful work.

From websites to content to social media. Loaded with twists and turns from clients who were at different stages in their business to projects that were as predictable as the weather.


Here are a couple of things we have done with them​

• Documents
• Videos
• Pages
• Sites
Either way, it allows both of our teams to see the gaps and the solutions -- then were off to the races.