Content Management Systems (CMS) are dominating web, Here’s Why

CMS is dominating the web. Here’s why.

Okay, I’d like to kick this off by asking a question… Do you have a website or do you want to have a website? Do you know that there’s applications that can turn you into a website guru? These applications are called Content Management System or CMS. There are hundreds of CMS, but it’s important to pick the right one for your needs. I’ll expound more on this on another article.

Here’s a screenshot I took from trend.buildwith.cms . It basically shows you the massive number of websites that use CRM. There’s a lot more info in there, too. It’s just an all-around informative website about CRMs.



You probably know or didn’t know about this sudden popularity of using CMS for building websites. But, the million dollar question is why. Let’s just get to it right away.

  1. User Friendly

CMS was basically built for the people who aren’t techy or have no knowledge of coding.  Whether you are adding a blog or a new landing page, you can easily make updates on your own with the click of a button. Who would’ve thought that the day would come that we can build websites without coding.Saves time and money

  1. Cheap and saves time

I have done my fair share of coding in the past, and boy, it’s hard work. Trust me, you don’t want to be spending hours of looking for errors in your code. Why spend hours of doing this, when you can just do it in a few clicks and a little bit of typing. You’re just wasting your resources.

  1. CMS usually have great support teams

Having a CMS means you have access to support teams that can assist you and open forums to gain insight from users like yourself.

  1. Security and Reliability

One thing I love about CMS is that you can grant different levels of access to your website to your employees. Basically, you can assign each person to have access to parts of the websites they only need.

We are sure that having a CMS will ease the management of your website and allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business.


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