Celebrating Pay Day with Pizzas!

Ah, pizza day. This is the one special day that Carvers get to celebrate by giving.

When did this all started?


Pizza day is an anticipated celebration even dating back in the early months of Carve. During this time, everyone pinches in for the pizza and once it’s in, everyone takes their break and dig in.

The heart of the pizza day is not just fellowship. It’s in the giving.


As Tom Secuya has placed it playfully, it’s the one day that the more tenured ones gets to bully the newbies. How? The newbies pinches in the biggest amount while the more tenured ones gets to pinch in less.

But that’s not the case…


The importance of giving gives the people a sense of fulfillment in releasing a blessing. The Pizza Day culture is not focused on the food but in the people who actually gave in to become a blessing to others.

Carve is continuously growing and we’re not seeing any red lights just yet. What keeps Carvers rooted in the culture is the founder’s ability to re-live it and live it. As you see, it’s not grandiose. It’s simplicity is a marvel and a heritage that Carvers can carry and pass it on.

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