Carving a Culture of Random Epicness

As rare as riding a unicorn leaping over the meadow of four leaf clovers, lucky are those who find a job that doesn’t cut down their perpetual growth and satisfaction during and after college.

Everybody knows those times, the “tambay” times. Right after the long weeks of hefty pressure to finish college, the exciting and exhausting after exam parties, those elegant graduation balls, and of course the memorable graduation march, suddenly become stern and stagnant. During this liminal period, you began to reassess all the things you might not do or have again.

As a young adult, you are equipped with your raging hormones and astounding confidence to pursue happiness as well as to succeed. But most of the time, reality welcomes us to responsible adulthood by offering us a boring, stressful, stale rhythmic job, to get paid, and feed ourselves and our family.

In this case, you have to compromise things you like to do but might not need anymore. You might even not have enough time to learn different things or skills you want to. And all those fun and exciting moments with your friends during college days might be last exciting things stored in your memory banks. The expense of having life after work might even become more limited as you get busier and busier with your strenuous tasks. But who says fun stops after receiving your college diploma?

There’s a good place to have fun at work. And getting that job at CARVE is epic. Here, work means doing epic. And by defining “epicness” means you get to immerse into a culture of awesome practices, diverse personalities, random acts of coolness, and experiencing camaraderie at its finest. Altruistic as it sounds but the growing population testifies that the positive culture is generating strong values of belief, passion, people, innovation and integrity.

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It’s a company where you are required to do a Selfie (or groupie) to record your attendance, where you can opt to greet your boss with a fist bump, a high five, or even a hug during the “Huggle” period, where payday is celebrated with a pizza party, where birthdays are “pansit sa bilao” and “pink cake” days,  where you and your workmates fill out half of the cinema seats during movie dates, where seat plans are shuffled very often just so you can mingle with everybody, where playing Jenga, “rock-paper-scissors”, and mind games are the most challenging part of the work, where you can have both gym buddies and food trip buddies, where you treat your workmates like siblings from another moms, and best of all, where you can confidently sing praise and worship with people coming from different denominations, without having the fear of judgment and belief-conflicts.

For fresh grads, it’s a place where oldies help you wake up to the real world and not sleepwalk with it, like big brothers. They give advises from soul searching to food searching. They guide you in developing your career further and even your personal life. Each one is a guru for every ninja, using their unique “katanas” to carve everyone to fit themselves perfectly into the real life puzzles and to unify without changing their uniqueness.

College may offer the best days of your life, but Carve brings an extra punch to it. They aim to make you become more spiritually and socially adept and more fascinating individuals. It’s a place where learning never ends. And what’s more interesting is that you earn while you learn. And the knowledge you get are not only limited to technical skills but skills you might value for the rest of your existence.

So whenever you find the itch to ride your leaping unicorn over the four leaf clover meadow, find yours at CARVE.

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