CarveTurns2: Going Back to the Roots

For most people, Carve is just among the sea of BPO companies here in Davao. To those who actually worked in this company, the experience is quite different. Because in Carve, people wants to make a difference by being different.

In the Beginning

Everything started by faith. In a small dining table, founders Tom and Angel Secuya dreamed. The aim? For people to find work and for work to find people.

In June 2013, Carve officially launched with just 2 to 3 clients having only one product: Ninjas. They are virtual assistants to help clients with various admin tasks, integrations, video editing and graphics to name a few. Everything started in the 2nd floor located in Champaca which was previously a household.

Where it all started (Upper floor, Old Champaca office)

Where it all started (Upper floor, Old Champaca office)

In the old office, six to seven Ninjas occupied only one room called Celynne. This is the general working area. For everything important, it all happens in the Situation room.

Keeping Traditions Alive

By December 2013, Carve now has 30 people under its employment. During this time, PJs  (Plusmanagers) and Halflings are installed to keep up with the changes the company underwent. During this time, the people had to be moved downstairs to accommodate more people coming from its doors.

Champaca 1st floor

Visitors are often drawn to the boisterous laughing in a small room within the old office. There are instances that interviewees will often hear these bursts of mirth coming from this corner of the office. During lunch break, acoustic sessions is something to look forward to.

Birthday celebrations are, well, always celebrated no matter how small. People would often bring cakes for the celebrant and then eat it during break time. And most of all, birthday cakes are often sneaked in using the ninja’s ‘ultra-stealth mode’.

Back in the days, everyone knows everyone. If a newly hire comes in the scene, he or she can easily blend in. This is one of the gem characteristics of being a Carver: no one gets left out.

What PayDay Pizza looks like in the Zen Garden. Ah, the good ol' days!

What PayDay Pizza looks like in the Zen Garden. Ah, the good ol’ days!

This year has not ended without bumps along the way. Through the AWOLs, broken friendships, mixed personalities in the office, terminations and changes, the company’s values just became better with each bumps in the journey.

Carvers would often pitch in for Payday pizza. It’s one of the most anticipated gathering that happens in the Zen garden where people get to have small chats while eating pizza. It’s a fellowship that adds value to relationships. Primarily, it’s a welcome celebration for the newbies (but they get to pay most of it).

PayDay Pizza in the new building

PayDay Pizza in the new building

Mapping Out from Point A to B

Currently, there are about 90 people employed and is now aiming for 150. Despite the changes it underwent, the spirit lives on and will continue to live on.

The newbies coming in the doors of the Bajada building still leaves the building in awe of the joy emanating from its four corners. And as the family grew bigger, the challenges grew as well. Leaders were installed and changes are constantly anticipated in any given situation. Everyone knows this philosophy: There’s no right time. There’s only now.

This year marks another milestone for all Carvers. There’s still many roadblocks ahead but one things’ for sure: Everyone is one step closer to the best thing yet.

From 30 to infinity and beyond! (Carvers in the new Bajada building)

From 30 to infinity and beyond! (Carvers in the new Bajada building)

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