CarveTurns2: Exemplary Awards for Employees Inspiring Excellence

As this is another year to brave the waters, this year has also marked some of the best employees in Carve. #CarveTurns2 awards the best of the employees that blazed the trail for this year’s milestone.

The Full-Time Ninja Category

This category is for the Carver who showed dedication and excellence in the office and to his or her client.

For the Full-Time Ninja category, the nominees are Cedrick Amamio, Rafael Olipas and Daryl Abrigo. The award for this category is given to Cedrick Amamio.

Carve Amamio (Full-Time Ninja Category)

Carve Amamio (Full-Time Ninja Category)

The Ninja-on-Demand Gladiator

This category is reserved for those in the NOD department who had showed dedication and superb outputs for clients who availed NOD packs.

Jax Diacono

Jose Diacono (NOD Gladiator awardee)

For this, the nominees are Jose Diacono, Jireh Adolacion and Josephus Diaz. This award was given to Jose Diacono, Jr.

Best In-House Member

This is one of the departments in Carve that will require thorough attention for the needs of the the employees under the company. For this award, the person has shown dedication and exemplary outputs beyond the call of duty.

The nominees are Jhun Rey Cubelo, Kimberly Calubag and Jesmael Galindo. The Best In-House Member is awarded to Jhun Rey Cubelo.

Jhun Rey Cubelo (Best In-House Member)

Jhun Rey Cubelo (Best In-House Member)

CSAT and SA Titan

One of the coveted titles to have is this award. This award goes to the Carver who has excellent schedule adherence with exemplary client satisfaction. This award is given to Lyn Lo Javier.

Lyn Javier (CSAT and SA Titan)

Lyn Javier (CSAT and SA Titan)

Builder of the Year

This is given to the person who does the repairs and keep the integrity of the company’s foundations as well as beautification. This award is given to the hard-working ‘Manong Willie’.

Willie Dizon (Builder of the Year)

Willie Diaz (Builder of the Year)

This marks another year of faithfulness and fruitfulness. Kudos to the awardees for starting this journey with an epic bang!

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