Carvers’ Top 9 Empowering Acts of 2016

Here in Carve, we do family. And in this family, we look out for each other even when the going gets tough. We are brothers and sisters. We are in this thing to reach the best version of ourselves. And since this is how it goes in Carve, people are open for change and getting empowered to do things that are just amazing. It’s clear as day that this has been happening ever since the inception of the company. And yes, we might make a couple of mistakes and things that aren’t really desirable, we face the problem head on, then leave it a better person.

Although each and every Carver has impacted a fellow this year in some way, unfortunately we can’t really fit everything on here. So, let’s just hear out from different Carvers who and what influenced them in 2016.

“Kathleen Dolores, – The best coach and counselor here in Carve. 🙂 She was really dedicated and passionate about what she’s doing.”

When I started as a VA I felt that I had so limited time to really expose myself with other people because I was spending more time with Ate Ads. But when moved to Ladislawa everything changed. I get to meet the Unit Y fam. There, I get to really come out my shell and show my true self. The one Carver who has influenced ,e a lot was Jax because he was this “karakarahon” guy that is really “ulawon” but so “tabian” hahaha. He was the one who I get to talk to a lot with about everything. He was a leader that I really want to work. He cares for you as well as make fun of you. He’s a good company to keep and I’m very thankful that he was one of the my leaders who I get comfortable with.

For me, it would be Mon. He’s helped me with getting on board and reminded me of a lot of things that are commonplace within the company. He’s been a great help with anything I need that’s related to working with Bill, and just an all around great guy.

The leaders! despite hectic schedules they still manage to make time for their houses

Sir Toni. He has a servant’s heart and is great in taking care of his people.

Miss A. Saw how she stood up for the company’s finances while juggling her personal life and family.

The PJs also helped but I think without Alex it would have been harder. How she handles every situation in Carve (ups and downs) really helped me to also want to contribute something to Carve regardless of how small or big the contribution is.

Doreen. She was once a woman who had doubts in God, shadows and darkness. You can feel it when you’re around her. But amazingly, as the months went by with being friends with her, she bloomed and blossomed to be the woman that God wanted her to be. By God’s grace, she went out from within. She’s been helping develop and encourage others. Being with her, you will know that she’s genuinely listening and that her heart and mind is in the present with you. It’s a rare gem to find someone like her. Praise God for her life. 🙂

Ms. Jaye – She’s a great leader. Knows how to empathize and she’s someone that we can rely on.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. These are acts that are worth showcasing and getting proud of. And as the year ends, let us celebrate together these deeds that make 2016 a win. These are the stuff that Carvers are made of.

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