Carve Turns 3

Carve just turned 3 last November 19, and we celebrated it all together. The theme chosen was ‘Winter Ball’, and everyone got done and looked dashing that day. I’d describe it as one of the best nights all of us had in the year 2016. And of course, we’d like you to extend the good vibes to you guys out there, who couldn’t join us.

Let’s just say everyone was excited to get the party started. You can just feel the intensity in the air just rising up. We started the event by giving back the praise and glory to God, the Reason for all the wins and success in the year 2016! And after that, it was time to reveal the logo for the anniversary. This is how it looked like



We’ve also invited people we are  working with from the international and the local scene. It was a way for us to show them our culture, camaraderie and the passion we have for excellence and ministry.

We were next shown an epic video explaining what it means to be a Carver.


And of course, how could we not forget the quirky animated video showing the inception of Carve to now. Carve has been through a crazy rollercoaster ride throughout the years, but one thing’s for sure, we treasure all of them.

Big Props to Unit-Y for giving us the feels! It’s a presentation I could watch over and over again.

The Kardams, people who’ve worked for Carve in it’s first years, time hopped us through storytelling ad early wins.


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Well, that was entertaining! Up next, it’s time for our very first presenters, Team Argent.  I didn’t know that Carvers had talent to be like this in front of the camera.


Going back to our guests, it was a real pleasure to have one of our international clients show some love, digitally, at least. I’m talking about the one and only, Steve Salvia. It was a real treat for everyone in Carve to get to hear Steve’s experience working with us (and take a sip from the smoothie he sent us!)  . Here’s his testimony.

Now, it was time for us to see what Team Aurora has in store for us. Let’s just say they prepared a heart-warming video for everyone there. Here it is.

Wow, for sure everyone got hungry after all the fun excitement. What would a party be without some food?



Now that we’ve got our bellies filled, it was time for more fun and presentations! It’s Team Apex’s turn. They’ve got something different in store. Reggie and Jhun Rey, took the spotlight and sang Sway by Michael Buble.


And as the year ends, everyone in Carve are thanked for everything and being epic. Although everyone in Carve has shown that they are committed and willing to run the race, some have stood out. The Top Performers for the year 2016 were Jax Diacono and Miko Cutin.


Last but not the least, it’s In-House’s turn to present. In-House went old school and danced in the tune of Writings on the Wall covered by Angelo Puzon.



As we near toward the end of the celebration, it was time to acknowledge the most dressed people of the night. I wouldn’t want to be the judge of that, cause everyone in there brought their A-game. Boy, everyone looked dashing and worthy for the title, but someone’s got to win. The award went to Nice and Johnny.


What would Carve be without it’s Founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Tom Secuya? Let’s just say his speech was extra special because he broke a tear. And why not? After all, seeing people grow is one of the most gorgeous sights there is.



Saying our goodbyes to 2016 also means saying hello to 2017. And 2017 better be ready, because the team have something up their sleeve for next year. The Leaders had the opportunity to show what they have in store for next year. After all, we always start the year with a bang.


Just to give you a little refresher, the theme for 2016 is Forward & Up. For 2016, it’s “Turn The Page”

We give all our props to everyone who’s given their full support of Carve in the year 2016 and for the years to come. Expect more epicness to come next year, watch out for it.


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