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First it was a random gathering of people from the office by Mr. Angelo Puzon. We hit it at 50 and now we filled the cinema. 69 seats of them to be exact. So what’s the deal with Carve movie dates?

Movie Dates Stitch

Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials

We’re not here to promote a movie (though one Carver pointed that it’s a meeting of Maze Runner and Game of Thrones) but to share to our readers the experience.

Maze Runner Peeps

The Maze Runner 2: Scorch Trials

This has been a one-month long period of asking around and ‘persuading’ people to come join the event. Carvers are all too familiar with this.

Prior this, we’ve hit 50 people joining the event watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It was – well, a great action-packed movie.

Mockin Jay Part 1

Now fast forward one year, Maze Runner has been one of the most exciting movies Carvers have watched. It’s packed with adventure and great cinematography. People we’re closing eyes, ears, mouth, squirming about looking for the nearest exit. Okay the last one was an exaggeration. But there’s one in the second row that did just that.

After the movie has ended, everyone got to take their selfies and was looking into the new and familiar faces in Carve. It’s was such a great end of the day that some even decided to just hang-out for a little bit. We’ve seen hugs, we’ve seen people from Carve and most of all, we’ve seen many smiles. It was like a great reunion where everyone knows everyone.

Movie Date

Transformers Movie Date

It is all about fellowship and bonding. It’s an unusual event when all we ever know when we go in the office is to work. But this bonding proves that CARVE is more than just a workplace. It’s where we also get to build relationships beyond the corridors of the office space. And for Carvers, the workplace is beyond work. It’s all about PEOPLE.

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