CARVE CIO Interviews Freshdesk Founder at RISE Conference 2015

Taking care of customers can become a full-time job, especially for businesses that are just getting started. The struggle is real but Freshdesk brings creative solutions to this dilemma.


For businesses, customer service is crucial to retaining and obtaining loyal customers. Freshdesk is an online customer service support tool to help businesses bring solutions to customers faster and easier.

This tool is predominantly used by small businesses. It has a ‘forever free’ tier (Sprout level) for 3 agents using one mailbox. Though many may argue that its interface may not be as attractive as its competition such as HappyFox and Vivtantio Pro, Freshdesk’s exceptional ticketing system gives it its charm.

The Interview: Girish Mathrubootham, Freshdesk CEO


Tom: Hey Tom here. And I’m with the great Girish from Freshdesk and right behind us is their awesome, awesome booth. And they gave me a shirt yesterday. And I’m here interviewing Girish right now. Girish, tell us what Freshdesk is about?

Girish: So Freshdesk is next generation customer support. So, when you think about your customer support most companies think that it’s about responding to emails and phone calls from customers. But what we realized in 2010 is a big opportunity was that todays’ customers, they want to talk to you via email or phone when they have a problem. They also want to talk to other customers. And if you manage to frustrate your customer or they love you enough, they’re going to talk about you on Twitter and Facebook.

So what we do at Freshdesk is help a company manage all the conversations with their customers across all of the channels: email, phonecall, websites, Twitter, Facebook, mobile app, web app, you name it. So we actually help you to manage all these conversations using this single console.

Tom: Thank you. Curious question, what got you into this? Like creating a tool or an app or a service like this. What got you started and how did that happen?

Girish: Okay. So the story is something like this. So it was 2009 when I was returning back from the US to India. I was returning to look for a job and going back to India. I shipped all my stuff on back to India, using a service of shipping company. And two and a half month later, when the stuff arrived, my TV was broken. So I actually thought that there will be no problem, I have my insurance, so I’ll contact them and get money. So I tried reaching out to them via email, via phone, I had multiple calls. I had multiple emails. Submitted all the documents that they had asked me. Five months had passed, but they wouldn’t even tell me which insurance I’ll go to. So, you also need to understand that I was somebody who paid full and successful in my career. And here I am as a customer trying to contact them via email and phone. And I was starting to get disappointed like I deserve. And what I thought was at this point I was frustrated, I wanted revenge.

So the next day, all the users, started commenting. And the next day the president of the company came and apologized. The very next day, my money was given back. So this was something new for me. As somebody who knows the customer service market, this was changing the dynamics of customer service and they watched online. I saw people doing the same thing on Twitter, Facebook. So that’s the idea of our Freshdesk. So that’s where we thought that customer wants to talk to the company, they want to talk to other customers, they want to talk about the company on social media. So there has to be a Youtube, etc.

Tom: As you’ve heard, the story is awesome and you probably want to check them out. If you want to use them, I have a special link down at the bottom of this video. And you can just click that and avail of the special promo from Girish right here. Girish, just for the people to know, where can they find you? How do they use Freshdesk?

Girish: So we’re pretty easy to find. Google for Freshdesk. Or go to and sign-up for a trial. We also have a lot of startups so we have a free startup offer. We have a free offer for up to 3 agents. Once you grow, we want to grow with you. Then later on ask for a subscription fees after you make money.

Tom: And we may very well have a series of customer support, customer experience and I might just get Girish here for another interview or a webinar maybe so we can combine our minds together and do something great.

Customers today will not wait for days and months just to get things fixed. Freshdesk keeps track of what your customers want and talk about. Businesses can now have a foothold on the ‘next best thing’ to placing their reputation to ‘par excellence’.

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