Everything about Carve has always been about change. The first general assembly has been all about implementing Scrum. Now, this second GA is all about exciting changes and expansion.

The four-hour activity has all been about 322 changes that all Carvers should anticipate in the coming days.

Looking back, CARVE’s core values are re-introduced to us by Tom Secuya (Carve CIO). Sir Tom reiterate to everyone the importance of living up the company’s core values. After the CIO’s opening speech to formally start the meeting, the leaders were called to honor the small acts of kindness to the outstanding employees. This first half of the program surely set a fire to the souls of the carvers.

Discomfort is A State of Growth

From 3 to 108. CARVE has grown to be an amazing tribe.

From 3 to 108. CARVE has grown to be an amazing tribe.

It is certain that growth and discomfort will be experienced during changes and movement. When there’s discomfort in whatever situation we are in right now in our lives, there is growth.

To start of, Ms. Addy Chua, Head of Radar Department, shared Density Tracker. This is a component that makes work visible for clients. It will track the workload of the VA. Tasks are segregated and times are shown per tasks. This way, clients will have a more tangible idea on what their VA is working on.

Tiebox is one of Carve’s most worked on app that has been running. The app was built and spearheaded by team leader of 3 important departments: Workforce, Systems and Analog, Mr. Joel Dolores. Now, it has finally got a full revamp with more aggregate and better visibility on an employee’s performance and more interactive.

Here are the key aggregates for the new Tiebox that Carvers should look forward to:

a.) Badges and trophies – These are given to employees that showcase Carve values such as helping out during crowdsourcing and many other good deeds. These may also be used for qualifiers that can be converted to promotion.

b.) Chatterbox –  It’s where site updates are shown.

c.) Path of Heroes – This is for the tenured Carvers. These are training to help them hone their skills or learn better ones.

The Workforce department has also stepped up to the challenges and made changes on  leave applications and allocation. Instead of going through the manual process, data are shown in Tiebox, making it easier for employees to check when they’d want to apply for leave and check out other data such as schedule adherence and history.

Pattern is another department on the works intended for trainings (Incubator and Path of Heroes). The purpose of this department is to drive innovation and change to bring better results and better VAs.

The processes for newbies has also been revamped where newbies now goes through an Incubator, the training department for newbies. This way, newly hired VAs will be honed with their niches and enhance soft skills to bring ‘flow’ in working with their clients.

For many, the most challenging role for any VA is learning technical skills. Carve’s RADAR is the solution to this. RADAR or Research, Advance, Decode, Adapt, Recode. This department will also work with Pattern, do skip levels with each house and process documentation for VAs who are transitioning whether to a different client or for termination. This department is being headed by Ms. Adelaine Chua.

It’s undeniable, most VAs are ‘camera shy’ or ‘camera awkward’. Now, VAs are being encouraged to boost their camera confidence. Headed by Ms. Kathleen Dolores, Portal is another department intended for anything media and marketing.

Content, blogs and vlogs and anything that catches the readership’s attention, Carve has randomly squeezed it in to make itself known or if not, add value to their clients. Headed by Ms. Maria Johanna Crave, Stringer department is intended for publishing content with niches across the board.

To maintain a harmonious relationship between clients and their VAs, Care Syste, a centralized customer service department will be installed in the coming quarter. Anything that relates to the client’s experience – they will handle it. This department will be lead by Sween Desquitado.

SEO has now become a staple in most businesses. Carve is now dedicating a department intended purely for this niche. This department will be spearheaded by Mr. Xycris Fuerzas.

Carve is not the one to back out a challenge. iHero is an umbrella company of Carve that will focus soon on the US market. It fully launch soon for graveyard shifts. Just like the regular shifts, night shifts will be given the same ‘love’ for day shifts.

On the last stretch of the program, Carve’s core values was also revamped. Now, Carve lives and breathes on these values: honesty, imagination, people, belief and passion. Each a unique component but interdependent with each other.

The GA was held last Saturday August 29, 2015. Special participation of Zion Productions for the success of this event.

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