Blab: Networking, Marketing and Connecting in One

Live video streaming is the hottest thing in the app category. And Blab is just entering the competition against Periscope and Meerkat — only better.

Blab is an app that allows four people to video chat simultaneously while the audience watch, comment and switch screens of the featured chatters.

Quirky and Fresh

Though the concept is relatively similar with Periscope, this app features four people plus audience. In order for the video chatter to become part of the squares, they must first sign-in using their Twitter accounts.

After this, the creator of the Blab will click on your name and your screen will be featured in one of the boxes. Should another person wish to enter the video chat, the creator can choose to accept or deny pass. The moderator can also choose if they wanted to let the live chat disappear into the ether or hit the record button for others to watch it for later.

Blab is a good app for discussions where much interaction is needed to get insights. For the marketer, this is a great social tool to have (aside from Periscope and Meerkat).

Can You ‘Feel’ Me?

Another unique feature of Blab is the ‘feels’. It works similarly like Facebook’s ‘like’ button. These are represented by the ‘praise’ emoji where two hands are raised in the air. The audience will accumulate the number of feels during the whole video chat thus giving them an idea who the most popular one is in the group. However, don’t expect these ‘feels’ to continue for long. Once the video chat ends, the number of ‘feels’ will also drop back to zero.


Direct Your Interviews

Think of it as an online stage where people gather to discuss and audience is there to watch.

Another unique feature is that the Blab creator can mute any of the users. Say an interview is going on, the creator can mute certain chatters to get the most sound from the the interviewee.

Topics Across the Board

This is a good venue for public conversations and insights. It’s not impossible to have in-depth discussions ranging from current events to philosophy with the audience locked-in the chat. In discussions, the audience can write comments, ask questions and ‘feels’ for people they find most relevant.

This may work well for video chatters in remote locations doing a simultaneous activity (say, a music video). It’s a great app to use for hosting events. Also, moderators can also schedule posts for later dates (insinuating this can be done by appointment).

This app is available online and as a mobile app for iOS. Despite it’s few glitches, this beta product has the potential to compete with other big live streaming apps.

Currently, Blab is on a beta phase (so expect some bugs to interrupt every now and then). It’s a great app to use for conversations, especially in bringing insights from experts across the globe. If anything else, you can opt for a casual conversation with your friends — and the world.

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