3 Ways To Develop a Website

There are three different ways in developing a website, but why choose one over the other? Note that we have experienced developing websites using all of them, but there’s always one way that we prefer most of the time. Let me explain further down the article. Let’s identify first the different ways for creating a website. I’ve divided it into 3 groups:

1. Website Builders

You see, among the three, this one’s the cheapest. It’s even extremely user-friendly with drag and drop features. Even someone who has no knowledge or experience in developing websites can produce a website using Website Builders. There are, however, shortcomings, such as limited site speed, lack of customisation, and restricted SEO options.

Among the common used Website Builders are:

• Wix

• Weebly

• Jimdo

• Yola

• Moonfruit

2. Content Management System (CMS)

Like Website Builders, using CMS enables newbies to create professional websites with no experience in doing so, but without the constraints one might have with Website Builders. CMS allows users to get started right away on developing their website. Most CMS cost from zero to a few bucks. And to top it off, it has really great design and professional functionality.

Among the common used content management systems are:

• WordPress

• Joomla

• Drupal

• Magneto

• vBulletin

3. Hand-Coded

If you’re hardcore about the details of your website, this might be your best bet… But, It’ll definitely cost you a lot. But if you choose to go with this one, you’ll most definitely hire a professional programmer and many hours of work. You can also try and learn how to code it yourself, but you have to invest years into it to get good.

Among the common used coding language are:

• JavaScript



• C#

• Visual Basic

In my humble opinion, Content management systems is the best choice for users who want the freedom to create and maintain a low-cost professional website themselves, without the need of a programmer every time a small change has to be made.

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