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Days after iOS7 has been out and available to iOS’ loyal and possibly new users, iOS7 has already received lots of reviews–commendations to Apple and as always, critics as well.

Leaving the negative behind and trying to appreciate innovation here, many agree that iOS7 definitely hit its target of pleasing its users. Apple purportedly wanted to redesign how iOS7 works but ultimately led them to redesign the way it looks as well. And it worked. Some users say they love its ‘radical redesign’ and they could not deny that it is the friendliest version and most powerful iOS by far.

Quoting Apple, ‘iOS7 is a pure representation of simplicity.’ That actually is Apple’s trademark, simplicity. It can create a very simple product yet can look very beautiful outside and inside. Some of the most beautiful features noted in iOS7 are the Control Center, AirDrop for iOS and iTunes Radio.

The new Control Center makes you control many things in your iPhone with just one swipe. While you are on any screen, you can switch to controlling other features such as turning the Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb on or off, adjust the screen’s brightness or lock its orientation, do what you wanna do with a song playing–skip, pause or play, connect to AirPlay-enabled devices and access your flashlight, camera, calculator and timer quickly. See how simplicity can do a lot?

With AirDrop, you can easily and quickly share photos, videos and contacts to anyone by simply using the Share button. You can share anything that you want to share to one or many recipients and they can choose to save it and it will be saved automatically to where it should be. Cool, right? You do not need to setup anything, but whatever you share are secure because they are encrypted. Some of our virtual assistants in Carve are really enjoying this feature.

You can have the best selection of music with the iTunes Radio feature. To download a song, just tap it and you’ll have it. While listening to music, you can also add stations and add artists and songs that make you feel good and skip those that you do not like.

Although recently, some are complaining that they get motion sickness and feel nauseous with the new operating system because it zooms in and out when users switch between applications, it can easily be changed by clicking Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion to turn it on. See, things can never be simpler than this.

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