Apple Watch: Looking Forward or Just Another Fail Whale?

A lot of buzz was created with Apple’s latest product launch: the Apple Watch. It boasts of rich user interface experience and smartphone capabilities that works almost similarly to your iPhone. It has only been days since it’s launched there were a couple of yes and naysayers. So did Apple managed to pull this one off? Maybe.

Rivaling existing smartwatches from Moto and Samsung, Apple Watch is a promising product to look forward to.

This Apple Watch comes in three unique collections:

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  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch Edition

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  • Made from custom alloys of polished or black stainless steel, silver and an 18 Karat gold design.
  • Straps can be taken out easily with its magnet-based clasps, letting the user change with ease.
  • Unique charging scheme that allows inductive charging (no-wire charging).

Wearers of this app can get a timely information with just a glance. Responds quickly to messages with Smart Replies, start messages using HandsOff and continue where you left off in your iPhone. Swipe off the watch face and it will take you to Glances, where you get to check into vital information like your next meeting and stocks. Press the side button and it will take you to your Friends where you can call them. Digital Touch allows you to doodle or sketch through the screen and a gentle tap takes you the Walkie Talkie or check your heart rate.

Apple is big on integrating their current devices to their latest ones. Apple pay, an online payment forms lets you pay for your coffee, shopping and even your shopping spree in LA by just using your  Apple Watch. This cool feature makes it more convenient to be around the world minus the hassle of credit cards and cash. Apple watch also comes with Passbook to board your next flight and Apple TV to control your of your TV.

The Apple watch responds to a specific commands from a light tap to a heavier pressure. Apple’s Taptic Engine has unique notification feature that lets the wearer be notified by hearing and feeling. It’s own S1 SiP downplays the entire computer functions into a single chip and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capacity.

Users can use apps through iPhones but can be displayed in the watch to extends its battery life, so expect more complimentary applications for the latest product launches. Currently, the Apple Watch only works with iPhone 5 and upcoming products.

It’s Activity app helps the wearer be more active through out the day. It delivers metrics that you’ll need for the provided workout sessions. This compliments the Fitness app in iPhone that collects data off your Apple Watch for a more detailed history to keep you updated with your fitness milestones.

There’s much to discover with this little gadget. Third party developers are now able to integrate their apps with the Apple Watch using WatchKit. There are lots of inputs that may attract other parties to make their apps more ‘integrate-able’ with Apple Watch. Currently, Apple Watch costs $ 349, a much higher price than it’s competing brands. The question now is: Are you willing to pay for it?

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