A God Centered StartUp Company: Carving Epicosity

Carve Business Management Services Huggle Session Carve Turns 1The infamous “huggle session” during Carve Turns One event

Ever wondered how these big BPO companies in the Philippines managed to wade through the market and making a name? For any start-up company, breaking away from the mold of the traditional brick and mortar ones can be a struggle. How will your company start out when you’re still new to the market and how will your company be able to recruit the best people for the job? Here’s how Carve made it epic in their journey towards success.

With the not-so-typical outsourcing set-up, Carve has been the type of company that is a cut above the rest. Well, in this case, one of the rising BPO companies in the Philippines definitely worth watching out for.

Carve caters to businesses (here and abroad) virtual assistance. Business owners made it a staple to make use of online platforms to create a buzz for their businesses. However, start-ups just getting the hang of the online activities may require help from virtual assistants.

Carvers are molded to become “progressionists”. Employees working at Carve are given various tasks. Oftentimes than not, they are given tasks ranging from online marketing, calling clients (or their client’s client), writing, creating pages, transcription and the list can go on. All these tasks may seem like it came from outer space for some employees, but the great thing about working at Carve is not the skills of each person involved. It’s the working environment that encourages each individual to push themselves from their limitations. So, every day at Carve is a learning opportunity.

Carve’s goal is towards helping companies expand or collaborate with companies or businesses to create opportunities. Unlike most BPO companies in the Philippines (particularly in Davao), Carve has made its distinction from day one. “To make a difference, we have to be different. To be different, we have to make a difference” sums up this company’s philosophy.

From a start-up to making it epic, Carve can  be one of the most promising BPO companies in the Philippines that has the capacity to stand out to be the best. A famous Bible verse says:Walk by faith and not by sight. While many companies choose to create and re-create, Carve’s distinct company style is to innovate and do epic. This company is the hub for growing professionals and adapting a unique environment of making work fun, faith a step forward and making a difference a full-time job.


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