7 Ways to Manage an Underperforming VM

Managing underperforming employees is almost always the common the problem for all managers. It’s just something we all dread, don’t we? But, we can’t just ignore it…Letting underperformers coast not only affects productivity, it’s demoralizing for the rest of the organization. Here’s some ideas to approach the situation flawlessly.

1. Give Clear Feedback

Ah yes, the oldest trick in the book. Tell your VA what’s up straight to his face, no sugar-coating. Point out where he nosedived, then talk about how to turn the tide. Sometimes your VA just needs the good ol’ nudge in the right direction.

2. Communicate

Communication is a two-way street and leaders should be prepared to listen to an employee’s point of view. Is there a reason for the attitude change? Has the employee stopped putting in effort because of unhappiness over something? Unearthing the cause of the problem is key.

3. Get to Know your VA

By just simply getting to know your VA, you can expect a real boost in productivity and performance. Employees always want to feel that they are valued and the only way you can achieve this is by understanding the people involved.

4. Consider your VA’s Growth

Show your VA that you care for his/her growth and career development. Ask your VA what he/she wants to achieve or new skills he/she wants to learn. This kind of engagement will motivate your VA to strive to work hard.

5. Follow Up

Following up tasks that are assigned to your VA will make them respect you for you diligence and care. Showing interest in the work of your VA can significantly boost his/her morale. Help your VA to get a level wherein he/she over-communicates with you. 🙂

6. Reward and Appreciate

Your VA is human, too. He/She does have emotions. And emotions, when tickled the right way, can make your VA be the most productive person you’ve met. Continue to provide feedback on performance and reward employees when it’s relevant with financial incentives or more responsibility.

7. Know When It’s Enough

When push comes to shove, you just have to let go of your underperforming VA. This is your last card… Only to be used when you’ve exhausted all your ideas to help your VA and things aren’t changing. xHolding onto underachieving employees could result in a ripple effect of negativity, low morale and poor quality of work.

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