5 Things We Learned Didn’t Work with VAs This Year

5 Things We Learned didn’t work with VAs this year


Working with an employer with a different timezone is a bit challenging. Urgent things would arise without prior notice with unclear instructions since VAs don’t have the chance to speak to their clients’ face-to-face. These are just some of the challenging things that our VAs face in their work.  Our VAs are provided with training, to increase knowledge in their work, to understand how the business works and finish tasks, but some things just don’t work well for them.

So, Here are 5 Things that didn’t work with VAs this year:

1. Email is not always the way to go.

Communication is an important key to achieving the desired task. With unclear messages, misunderstanding and unfinished tasks would happen, yet usually using one medium–which is through email isn’t really effective.  

So we highly suggest another way to communicate not just through email, but voice or video call applications like, Voxer, Skype or others that would make the communication clear and faster.

2. Impractical Turn Around Time

We understand the urgency that tasks have, but we should also consider the VAs. The piled up tasks, deadlines to catch, priorities and another abrupt task was given 2 hours before the deadline. The abrupt task would lose the VAs focus, instead, cramming would take place and priorities would be neglected.Things aren’t always what we wanted, yet we should also consider the time spent for finishing a task. Certainly, an urgent task would come to a place, yet give it ahead of time for it to be accomplished within enough time.

3. Expectations won’t always be meant.

Clients have set an expectation in finishing tasks within a limited time, yet when it comes to the VA’s execution, it won’t really be finished within the margin especially, after-shift requests that require a heavy workload. One thing that VAs learned is that to set limits with their clients. There are instances, that they should extend their time to finish the task; other times they have to set a given time for the task on the next day to not compromise the quality.

4. Proper Team Coordination

VAs doesn’t work alone. They work with a team and they also have Project Managers. Sometimes poor coordination with the team would compromise the task given. Everything must go with the process for the success of the task. One VA’s task is not identical with another’s. They need to calibrate with each other’s work.

5. Don’t just talk, communicate well and effectively

When communicating with the client, make sure that you are being understood. While the task is being accomplished, they can proactively ask the client’s feedback in a way that won’t affect the customer satisfaction. Some tasks really do take time, so communicate properly on how to make your client understand. Set limitations.


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