5 Things to Consider in Creating a Remarkable Customer Experience

5 Things to Consider in Creating a Remarkable Customer Experience

“Good customer experience is something that is personalized, timely, relevant, simple, seamless, memorable, and consistent.”


Some people think that business is simple. You build a product. You brand it. You sell it. And then, right away, you earn crazy money, exhausting little to no sweat at all.

Unfortunately, this is not how it goes. Good business is about building lasting impressions that grow into lasting relationships. 

A common mistake for business owners is that they think people will buy from them the moment they put on ads. Sad to say, advertising alone doesn’t guarantee an immediate conversion. The missing link? Creating a good customer experience. 

Good customer experience is something that is personalized, timely, relevant, simple, seamless, memorable, and consistent.

By paying close attention to the overall buying experience, we can evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Are we interacting with our customers enough? How do our products directly impact customers? Are we building long-lasting relationships with our buyers?

The goal is to be memorable to your customers. This is the key to brand recall. 

Here are some things to consider as you create a remarkable experience for your customers:

1) People will not buy from you if they do not know you

Most customers don’t usually buy from unfamiliar brands. They’d rather stick with their favorites — brands that they know, love, and advocate. You can’t always assume that your customers know your brand the first time you meet them. And no, it’s not a game of popularity or fame. The key is to give value and create relationships that count.

2) They have blocked your ads.

Ask yourself, “Do I block ads?” 

If the answer is “yes,” then it might be the same case for your audience. 

It’s funny how we ignore flyers for condos and insurances but when we start a business, the first thing we do is give away flyers. 

3) Even if people know you, it’s not a guarantee that they like you

“Familiarity breeds contempt,” as the old saying goes. If everything you do is always too familiar, it can become boring and annoying.

In fact, in a study conducted by HubSpot, they found out that business pages under 10,000 followers experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once a day.

Posting about your product non-stop is like posting your selfie on social media. What do people normally do when they get irritated by your overwhelming number of selfies? They unfollow you. 

4)  Some people like you, but don’t trust you.

Focus on customer service. Be crazy about developing trust. The more genuine your intentions to your customers are (and make sure they feel it), the easier it is to connect with your them.

And through connection, you build trust.

5) You have to be with your customers in every step of the way

Creating brand-customer relationships is like helping a child learn how to walk. You are there the moment he learns to crawl and you cheer him on as he takes that first step. You’re there throughout the journey.

Making the customer journey remarkable takes consistency and dedication to serve.  Automating systems, creating processes, and streamlining communication can help you with this.

The digital model is a direct representation of how we behave in the physical world. It may be a different platform, a different process, but the behaviors and relationships we’re simulating are the same. 


When your customers buy from you, they’re not just buying a product, they are looking for an experience. And with the right knowledge and understanding, you can turn each step of the customer journey into something remarkable!



Let’s look into your current customer journey and how experiences at each stage are created.

Do they create the right effects on your customers?

We can help you break this down and figure it out with you.

Let’s have a conversation.

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We are always open to talking about these things. They float our boat.


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