5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog For Your Business

1. SEO

SEO means search-engine optimization and that’s the way you get your blog to show up higher in a search engine. E.g. A google search. Blogging gives you the ability to add in certain keywords that are relevant to your business. It also gives you the option to add external links that go to your website. And these are all things that increases your chances of being found via Google search. The higher that your blog ranks on Google, the more traffic is going to your website.

2. Traffic

Which brings me to my second point. The more traffic you have on your website, the more sales you’re gonna have.

3. Humanizing your Brand

People want to see the person behind-the-scenes; they want to see who’s running the show. They like to know your story and relate to it. In any case, you want your business to have a human element in it, and blogging does that job well.

4. Establishes Trust

Blogging about your business positions you as an expert in the industry. This in turn makes people trust your opinions and would eventually lead to buying from you. So by helping people with advices, sharing tutorials, recording podcasts, etc., people will trust you more.

5. Content & Engagement

Having a social media page for your business is really great and all, but it’s not gonna cut it. You’re very limited with your content and engagement. You can’t put everything about your business on your Facebook Page, and expect them to read all of them. That’s what your blog is for.

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