5 Nasty Habits that VAs developed during 2016

5 Nasty habits that VAs developed because of 2016


Change happens constantly , and it feels like in a blink of an eye you easily adapt behaviors. You develop those as your habits because you either need it for your task or to accomplish projects. Virtual Assistants have developed different habits over time, yet not all of those habits are healthy ones.


Below are 5 Nasty habits that VAs developed in the year 2016.


  1. Procrastinating Procrastinator


“I’ll do this first since this one is easier.”


“ I’ll finish this later, cause the deadline is still way off.”


Are those lines familiar? Yes! You guessed it right, those are typically what procrastinators say. Instead of doing the task now to finish the task earlier. Procrastinating has its pros and cons, but if it leads you to being unproductive, that’s a different story right there. So, instead of doing it later, you could try doing it now. Procrastinating could be tempting especially if the deadline of that project is still a long ways off, but make it a habit of doing it now.


  1.  Poor Time Management


When you procrastinate, chances are time is well spent and tasks are finished on time. Kidding, In reality, it wastes load of time. It limits you from organizing your tasks efficiently and effectively. With this, your productivity would be compromised with the quality of your work and would fail you to prioritize.


Here’s a piece of advice from an article,


“You have to know your priority, to be constantly on top of what you are trying to achieve – may it be a project to complete, a deadline to meet or just simply to manage your time to lessen the hassle and stress in your life and at work.”


  1.  Entertaining Distraction


Distractions could take any form. It could be you checking other things on social media or talking with workmates.  No matter how little time you give attention to it, in the long run, it would be heaps, and you’re not even aware of that. Since these distractions are too gratifying, you spend less time in your work. It loses your focus and attention to detail in accomplishing your task.


  1. Taking on too many projects


Being accountable for the tasks that project managers give you is very important, yet when you already have 3 or more pending jobs and you still keep taking more, that’s unwise and impractical. Yes, they do appreciate you taking in projects, but if it’s beyond your capabilities you have to learn to say no and just focus on the task at hand. Take on what you can do best with your abilities and time given.


  1. Sloppy Work


A lot of people go to work and don’t give much effort in doing their job. Some just clock in their time and do the task for sake of doing the job, yet the quality is really questionable. Sloppy work is produced with no interest of the task, without even considering if what they’re doing is good and productive.


2016 might not be a good year with these habits, but make it a challenge to change these habits into an awesome one this coming 2017.

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