5 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Rockstar VA

So you have a business put up and you’re currently contemplating hiring from some of the local BPO companies in the Philippines. You probably heard of hiring a VA from a coach or from your mentor and you’re looking into getting one. If you’re thinking good, you’d want good results. And if you’re thinking great, then you’ll need a rockstar VA.

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Before you start looking for a rockstar VA, you need to sit down and list all the essentials of what your expectations are and set of skills you’ll need. This way, you’ll be able to set realistic expectations that fits your needs; your VA’s skills, personality and your goals.

Sense of humor

Adding a sense of humor in the conversation when appropriate is an added plus to customer service. Virtual assistants possessing this skill will help in building your clientele base.

Team player

Virtual assistants are faced with many challenges — often on a daily basis. Since tasks may cover handling a team to run a website to calling clients for follow-up, it may require some stretching to get stuffs done. In the case where your company may grow, having a virtual assistant that can function effectively with a team encourages growth and innovation.

Organize, structured and prioritize work

Since the life of a virtual assistant can get ‘erratic’ sometimes, it helps if she or he works with a system in setting goals and prioritizing work. If you have a virtual assistant that can juggle tasks and still deliver at a realistic time bound, then you hired yourself a keeper.

Influence and sell to others

Aside from being a team player, a virtual assistant that can influence others boosts morale and productivity within the team. Their ability to also sell your products and services to clients is also a quality your company will greatly benefit from.


People who take ownership about responsibility in solving problems helps the company to move forward. If they exhibit a passion to make things work then, you hired a valuable player in the game. Passive, unmotivated and order-takers just wouldn’t cut during challenging times in the company.

Hiring VA’s from a reliable company will make them more accountable for your business and they’re more likely to take proactive measures to helping you out. Local companies such as Carve Business Management Services provides quality VA services fit clienteles locally and abroad.

Outsourcing, BPO in the Philippines, IT, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistance

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While many may suggest that you can just hire freelancers of BPO companies in the Philippines, if you care enough for your business, hiring a rockstar VA would be the solution. There are many reliable VA’s for hire in sites that offers freelance services. Or you can opt for a credible company that offers these VA services such as Carve Business Management Services that delivers rockstar quality. You can try experimenting and look for alternatives to see what suits your needs the most.

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