3 x 3 Genius Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

When you entered into business, you expected it to be fun and all, but as the years passes by, your business is sucking the life out of you. You’ve lost your mojo and you can’t appreciate life anymore because your business is heavily dependent on you.  You love your business, but the road is going bumpy and you’re losing your grip on it.


As what Pauline Bright said on the section of the Bright Business Blueprint, “Money is what you’re worth in the business, Clients are the people,who you offer your services to help them change the course of their business and build an impact with their life. A framework is the structure of your business for smooth running and Lastly, You- the bright shining light in you business.”


As I was reading a free section of her book, she suggested 3 x 3 Genius Strategies for Exponential Growth. If you want to check it out, (HERE’S THE LINK)


First, Who’s Buying?


It is very important to find your best fit. You don’t have to change your business. You just have to define who your audience is. Write specifically who they are, what kind of business they have and what you can offer with them. It is also vital for you to get close and personal. Know what they subscribe into, how they will search for your service and how you handle your client.


Second, Know your cost.


In the book it said that, “Earn more than you spend.”

This means, you have to know the cash flow of your company, what’s going in and out and if you can’t handle everything…ask help from a Business Coach, what they teach is important to give you another perspective in your company. Always know your financial status, never decide without knowing the finances you have.


Last but not the least, Work your Genius.


Assess what’s happening in your company and what you can do about it. After you’re done with assessing, Work on it, Plan and Act upon it. Remember: no great plan would be completed without execution. What do you really want to try with your business? Something that you’ve been itching to do, perhaps something that’s near to your heart and Explore your options.


Define what kind of Genius you are in terms of your business. No two people are alike…and same with business, you just have to find your brand. Talk to us!





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