3 Management Tips for you and your VA

Is your business growing and considering to outsource a VA to help you out with your workloads? Or do you just simply want to know how to manage your own VA? Then, you’re on the right page!

Managing a Virtual Assistant is not easy, more especially if it’s your first time having one. The success of your VA depends on how you manage them and their success means success to your business. So knowing how to manage your VA is a big advantage.

In this article, I’m going to talk to you about 3 effective management tips for you and your VA that will lead to a more successful and efficient team.


  1. Have a clear job description for your VA

First things first, you need to have a clear job description for your VA. This will avoid any confusion to your VA and this will help them focus more on the tasks that you want them to do.

One way to do this is to list down all of the tasks that you wanted your VA to work for and try to break them down into daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. This will make it easier for the VA to perform the task that you want him/her to do.

You might also want to create a section for any project-based tasks (like Admin, Graphic or Web Design).


  1. Establish a good communication with your VA

Establishing a good communication is a must if you want your VA to be successful with the tasks you have given to him or her. Set a specific time of day to talk to your VA about the progress of the projects you have entrusted him/her to do or if there are any task he or she is “stuck” with or having a hard time to do.

Setting the best time of day to talk to your VA is very crucial, considering that you may be working with a VA that has a different timezone than yours. You might wanted to pick a time that is more convenient to both you and your VA.

Communicating to your VA regularly is very important if you want your business to be more successful. It is very easy for you to lose your connection with a VA, but to avoid this, you need to stay on the same page by checking in daily, be it on Skype or e-mail. It however doesn’t need to be a lengthy conversation. Just five or ten minutes is enough.


  1. Do not overload your VA with tasks

Having a VA that is skilled enough to do all the things you need to be done is a blessing for you and your business. But you must always remember that your VA is a human being and have its limitations. Don’t dump all of your work on them at once. Instead, give them tasks to do gradually.

Whatever tasks you’re going to assign to your VA, do them first. Cause if you do it first, you’ll be able to know how difficult the tasks is and how much time it consumes on a daily basis. Set a decent and realistic due time for every task you are giving your VA and set goals that is according to your own experience in doing the tasks. This will give less stress to your VA and increase your VA’s retention percentage.


Along with maintaining good communication, always give your VA immediate feedback and encouragement when they’re not doing a task good enough. Let them know in a friendly and professional manner so that they can do it better next time. If they are doing the task perfectly, tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. And it doesn’t hurt to give a bonus at the end of the year. Everyone appreciates that!  

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