3 Basic Ways to Make Sure that your Branding Strategy is Solid

“If you’re going to do it, make it right the first time.” That’s how the professor would always say. 

When your branding strategy gets a lot of leads, that’s a good sign that it is working. But what if upon checking your stats, you see that there’s not even one engagement or organic reach?

Reality is, digital companies will keep on updating their algorithms on their content management.  So how do we keep up? That’s a good question.

What we can do with our branding strategy is to keep it solid – that no matter what algorithm there is or there will be, we know that we are talking to our target audience.

Given that you already know who you are, what you do and what you sell, you’re ready to take these 3 steps:

  1. Identify your Target

When you build your branding strategy, start by listing the characteristics of who you are talking to. List their demographics: age range, base income, status, and others (Down to the specific detail).

Targeting a specific market doesn’t mean you are excluding those who do not fit your criteria. Rather, setting up a target market allows you to focus your message to a specific market which is more efficient. It’s like when you use a bow and arrow to hit a target. You are accurate when you hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Conduct Market Research

This kind of research includes checking on your current customer base (if you have), knowing what your competition is doing and analyzing how your product / service is creating impact to the niche you’re in.

Organically, you can do this by doing surveys and FGDs with a group. Ask questions that are relevant – regarding behavior, buying patterns, social media engagement, relationship, and many others.

  1. Create an Avatar

From that, segment your market. Now, you can classify what your target market wants, needs and demands.

With these data, you can build your branding strategy on it, around it or on top of it.

Make sure to update these kind of data from time to time so you can keep up with what the evolution of your target market. That’s called innovation.

Keeping your branding strategy solid is a sure-fire direction that could weather any changes in the social media playing field.

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