5 Best Practices of a Carve Virtual Assistant

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The BPO companies in the Philippines offers a rich source of outsourcing personnel that can cater to local and foreign businesses. Whether you call them virtual assistants or online avatars, there’s no denying that these people do more than just writing an email for their client.

Virtual assistants are the people that work remotely at a different place (and probably time zone) from your own. They typically support multiple clients and handle various tasks such as setting up appointments, managing client schedules, update clients of their tasks and other possible admin assignments.

Since there are so many to choose from, what gives a Carve VA their edge?                          

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Crowdsourcing is a process of obtaining the required services, ideas or content coming from contributions of a large group or community. But in this case, it’s within the office. Carve Business Management Services is filled with talents that already has the background and ‘in-depth’ understanding of a specific niche.

Passion for Learning

VA’s in Carve know that every day is a masterpiece. Why? Because most days come with a mystery of the list of tasks thrown at them. Some predictable. But mostly, not. But each Carver can always roll up his sleeves and dig in the mud because they know, it’s the only way to go. Everything is always a learning opportunity in Carve.

Persistence in Commitment

Carvers are committed to deliver the best for their clients. Though it’s inevitable to have miscommunications along the way, VA’s here are adaptable to changes and are willing to go the extra mile to deliver results.


They are accountable to projects trusted to them. Carve VA’s take ‘ownership’ of a project’s results. If the results are bad, it challenges them, motions them to move forward and create solutions. If they do a good job, they leave room for improvement. As a company of ‘‘progressionists’’, employees here are not opting to just ‘‘stand still’’.


This is an inculcated trait for every Carver. No overbreaks, no lates, less absences. We call it Schedule Adherence. This is discipline in motion.

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The market is teeming with BPO companies in the Philippines that offers virtual assistance services. It might be best to work for credible ones where VAs are more accountable to their clients and a management team monitors their tasks for improvements (and those needing improvements).

Carve Business Management Services is one of the local BPO companies in the Philippines that delivers quality VA assistance for companies here and abroad. In the long-run, hiring a Carve VA may prove to be a long-term investment that gets your business out there and rockin’!

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