Our team’s vision in training is to produce positive influencers in the world.

Our History

We get out of bed, go to the bathroom, do our morning rituals, wear appropriate clothes, eat breakfast, then off we go. In playing a sport, we often stretch our muscles, warm up, do a huddle, then game. When ordering a food in a restaurant, we ask for the menu, look at it from left to right (sometimes right to left), select food and drinks, chit chat for 30 minutes, eat the food, chit chat for an hour or so, request for the bill, then settle the invoice.


Boom! We realized that there is a pattern in everything that we do, hence, its advent.

A fun fact about people is that we cannot control and motivate them because these are intrinsic decisions. We can only influence them to dream more, do more, and achieve more. Imagine a world where people encourage one another towards success. Don’t you want to build that fantasy into a reality?

Our History

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We’re aiming at three objectives in conducting sessions with our participants. These are to innovate the pattern, maintain a constant, and break the status quo. We recommend strategies and sustainability plans to achieve your desired outcome.


Organization Development

As a team, we plan to improve efficiency and expand productivity of the organization. We’ll do a training needs analysis first, solve problems within the organization or as a way to analyze a process and find a more efficient way of doing it.

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Customer interaction is the most important part of the training because this will increase the staff’s confidence by up selling and cross selling. This will change the mindset of your staff by putting the customer first before anything else.

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