20 Jan The Convo with Adam Sowden: Picking a Strategist


0:40 Introduction to Adam Sowden
1:55 Something quirky about Adam Sowden
2:09 Gift of Laziness
4:08 How does Adam “unstuck” the “stuck”
4:45 Most people have the wrong model or the wrong approach to sales.
5:15 The two crucial things that determines success.
6:00 Adam helps people present an offer that people want to buy.
6:18 How to convert leads to clients.
6:45 Adam helps clients clarify their brand.
8:55 Who should you talk to in getting your strategy done?
9:20 Who shouldn’t you be talking to?
9:30 Before you form your strategy, you need to identify what you want.
10:22 Some strategies may work others, but not for you.
11:07 Identify your need, so you can identify the people who can help.
11:19 The model determines the income.
12:00 When the student is ready, the master will come.
12:10 Know what you want first, and know your brand.
12:32 Identity comes before Activity.
12:49 Do you want it?
13:00 How far will you go for it?
13:40 No one can help you, if you don’t know what you want.
15:00 Are the strategies that Adam abstract and concrete?
16:00 Adam has tried and tested what he teaches.
17:15 Getting stuff done is more important concepts and ideas.
18:48 Adam shares an experience heading a sales team.
20:50 What would Adam tell a person who’s lost in terms of getting leads and sales.
24:00 Adam’s shameless plug.

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