The Wild Sides

Last May 2017, the Carvers unleashed a bit of their “wild” sides. 

The project is all about the production of a video that involves all Carvers, depicting a “wild” and strong theme, which will be used for recruitment and marketing as well. 

The title “Wild Things” is actually a song by Andy Mineo. One factor that gave a push to use this song was the timeliness and honesty of the lyrics. The song seemed to suit how the Carvers are passionate about what they do and them pushing to become wild with their imagination and with excellence.


Along with the launch of the music video was the launch of Carve’s quarterly theme, which was “Wild”. The word may form a different picture in the mind of some, but in this case, the word “wild” doesn’t mean untamed, instead, it depicts a fearless type of drive to do things – that Carve is not caged and limited. 


New Colors

The production was assigned to Unit Y, Carve’s team of designers, with KZ as the head director. The storyboard was developed by Ira together with the team. 

The team had 1 week to prepare for the 1-day shoot. They had to orient 60 Carvers on what to expect, and also teach them a few hiphop moves (courtesy of Ira and Ines) for them to move comfortably during the shoot. 

In the video, 2 new Carve colors were introduced. Veering away from the monochrome black, white and gray, the two new colors were pink and teal. Pink stood for youth and energy while teal stood for leadership and innovation. 

Faces covered in teal and pink paint, and Andy Mineo’s song blazing from the speakers, the Carvers showed their fierce expressions for both video and photo. 


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