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Think Up’s vision is to create unique experiences through coffee, wine and conversations. It offers an array of coffee flavours like Civet, Arabica, Robusta and etc. These beans are¬†from wild Civet Cats in the beautiful mountains of Mt. Matutum.

Here’s a documentary on how Think Up went to Mt. Matutum to see how the beans were made.

When we communicated with the owner, they emphasized that they wanted the brand to be timeless, unique & classy. Embodying the Carve culture and values which is belief, passion, people, imagination and honesty. They wanted to finish it on 1-2 months because the space will be ready by August 10, 2016.

The objective of the project was to create a full suite brand for Think Up, a coffee shop in Davao City, owned by Carve. Think Up is serving local coffee, wine, and will cater to people who want to spend time in a place for study, reading and conversation. Here are the slides for the mockup.

thinkup cup
thinkup stamp
thinkup card


The owner of the shop wanted to just use recycled materials, which is a trend nowadays called “Upcycled” Here are some images of the shop:



The team had 1-2 months to create the full suite, from the logo to the colors up to the collaterals. The first step was for each individual from the team ideated with their own take of Think Up. Then we chose the font, its thickness, the weight and type. Then we created an icon, an olive branch, which symbolizes family, peace and pricelessness.

Here are more collaterals created for the project like banners, social media cards, flyers, menu and etc:

store 1

Find them here :

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